HSE's School of Psychology is launching a new CPD programme ‘Plurilingual Intercultural Creative Keys’ (PICK). The programme was specially developed by the HSE Laboratory for Linguistic, Intercultural and Creative Competencies and is based on the innovative PICK training system designed to improve the skills of school teachers and tutors, as well as parents involved in teaching their children at home. The programme will be taught in Russian.
January 12, 2023

Research projects

Research projects

Plurilingual Intercultural Creative Keys (PICK) educational system
The project develops an educational system aiming at facilitating systemic adaptation of school children by nurturing their linguistic, intercultural and creative competencies.

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Plurilingual Creativity
The project involves empirical research within the Plurilingual Creativity paradigm.

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The study of the role of linguistic, intercultural, and creative competencies in the development of systemic adaptation.

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Xenoglossophobia. Etiology and therapy
The study of the influence of cognitive, personal, and contextual factors on the occurrence of foreign language anxiety and the methods of overcoming it.

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The role of code-switching in the development of creative potential
The project investigates the impact of code-switching on the development of creative potential. It also aims to introduce the practice of code-switching in the foreign language classes in a modern school.

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Adaptation of EPoC test
The project adapts the Evaluation of Potential Creativity (EPoC) test to Russian speakers.

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Metaphorical thinking in multilinguals' creativity
The project investigates the role of metaphorical thinking in creativity among multilinguals.

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Anatoly V. Kharkhurin

Associate professor
School of Psychology

Todd Lubart

Professor, Université de Paris

Sofya Belova

Research fellow of
Psychology Institute at RAS

Yi Wang

Postdoc, University College London

Morteza Charkhabi

Assistant Professor

Denis Zubalov

Assistant Professor

Asiia Erzhanoav

PhD Student, Institute of Education

Valeria Koncha

Master's Student

Sofia Kagan

Master's Student

Teodora Tatich

Bachelor Student

Romanenko Grigoriy

Bachelor Student

Ruslana Mukhtarova

English Teacher

Angelina Zlobinova




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Каширская Е. В., Хархурин А. В. Компетентностный подход к системе образования в рамках обучающей системы PICK // Психология. Журнал Высшей школы экономики. 2022. Т. 19. № 4. С. 757-783. doi

Erzhanova A., Kharkhurin A.V. (2022) The Influence of Prior Language Experience on Foreign Language Anxiety: A Study on a Russian-Speaking Sample // RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics, 19(3), 448-464. doi: 10.22363/2313-1683-2022-19-3-448-464 

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